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From The Good Tourist

The bend in the road


From that stupendous bend in the road, entire climates descend vertically, like strata. First, so near seeming, the snowy, rocky peaks; then the dark regimental pine forests; then the lower forests, looking greener and more disorderly, streaked with charcoal burners’ blue-smoking pyres here and there; then the upper, cooler maguey plantations or citrus groves and the first, outbreaking tropical colours of oleander, bougainvilleia, hibiscus, lilies, and the rest; finally the tropical coastal jungle interspersed with brilliant green plantations of sugar, bananas, coffee, cocoa…[1]

This is a country of massive extremes; vast and geographically varied, with fascinating monuments and ancient ruins dotted over its imposing landscape. As well as wide expanses of desert, Mexico has everything from volcanoes to dense, verdant jungle; dramatic mountains, amazing beaches, remote villages steeped in folklore and bustling colonial towns. For more intrepid travellers there are also the out of the way regions like Chiapas, Guerrero, and the snowy mountains of Chihuahua to explore. But, most importantly, Mexico is renowned for its warm, welcoming people.

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[1] Graham Hutton, Mexican Images (Faber, 1963)