South Africa

From The Good Tourist

Rainbow Nation

Where the rainbow ends,

There’s going to be a place, brother

Where the world can sing all sorts of songs…

There’s no such thing as a Black tune,

There’s no such thing as a White tune,

There’s only music, brother,

And it’s the music we’re going to sing,

Where the rainbow ends.[1]

As the Olympic Games in Beijing has demonstrated, the hosting of an important cultural or sporting event inevitably affects tourism and can cause a welcome (and sometimes unwelcome) shift in the world’s focus. South Africa already enjoys a thriving tourist trade – its dramatic vistas, extraordinary wildlife, blue skies and sophisticated cities has made it a popular holiday destination.  In 2006 alone it received over 8 million tourists,[2] but this figure looks set to substantially rise in 2010 when the country’s hosts the FIFA Football World Cup.

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[1] Where The Rainbow Ends by Richard Rive, from The Return of the Amasi Bird (Black South African Poetry 1891-1981) Ravan Press, Johannesburg, edited by Tim Couzens and Essop Patel.

[2] UNWTO barometer February 2008

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