The Good Tourist: Behind the island paradises, panoramic views and historical sites there often lies a different story.

Using her twenty-year experience in the field of human rights, as well as personal anecdotes and the testimonies of survivors, Lucy Popescu explores the various abuses that often go unnoticed or are carefully hidden from the tourist, from torture in the Maldives, children’s rights in South Africa, slave labour in the US, to execution in Iran.

Inspired by the ethical flying drive and the rise in investment of projects to offset carbon emissions, The Good Tourist, rather than deterring tourists from their chosen destination, serves as a practical guide to what you can do after your holiday to help a cause or support a people.

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‘The Good Tourist is a fascinating, timely and important book, you will never travel in the same way again’   William Boyd

‘The Good Tourist reminds us that it’s the responsibility of all travellers to be aware of how our fellow human beings are treated – at home or abroad. And, as Lucy Popescu makes clear, if they’re treated badly we shouldn’t keep quiet about it. Her timely and realistic conclusion is that if you want to see the world as it really is, then leave the rose-tinted spectacles at home’   Michael Palin